hurricane rated impact garage doors

Impact Doors Fort Lauderdale

Impact Doors Fort Lauderdale

South Florida, a region susceptible to impulsive weather conditions and high velocity hurricane zones, demands robust and fortified home improvements.

In particular, Fort Lauderdale residents have turned to a crucial solution – hurricane impact doors.

Safer than a standard door, these impactful entry doors not only offer security but also bring an elevated curb appeal to your property.

Does this make you ponder the necessity of a hurricane door or window installation at your own abode?

Keep reading as we shed light on the importance, functions, styles, and the entire installation process of hurricane impact doors.

Why Install Hurricane Impact Doors?

Nestled along the coastline, South Florida is no stranger to severe weather conditions. Living here, you can’t take hurricane season lightly; investing in hurricane impact doors is more of a necessity than a luxury. A door isn’t just any ordinary barrier; it holds the potential to provide hurricane protection, prevent burglars, improve energy efficiency and add curb appeal.

The correlation between door styles and weather resistance is what most property owners tend to overlook. Hurricane impact doors are specifically designed to stand strong even in the high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) that typically characterizes South Florida.

Having these doors installed by professional door installer teams, such as those found in Broward County or Fort Lauderdale, ensures you meet the stringent building codes and weather criteria.

Now, considering what an impact door is, can be a mind-boggling affair with a plethora of options including wood doors, fiberglass doors, metal doors, and even sliding glass doors for the patio. Each type has its merits; the choice ultimately depends on personal preference and the overall aesthetic of your home.

For instance, a sliding door or a bifold entrance door could be ideal for those seeking a combination of robust design options and practical functionality.

Yet, quality isn’t entirely about withstanding storm damage or thwarting potential burglars. It’s also about the fine details – from the initial door replacement to the caulking and laminate finish to ensure long-term endurance. The beauty of working with an impact window company that has a comprehensive portfolio -a project gallery perhaps- is in the wealth of experience they bring. They can walk you through windows and doors walkthrough, guiding you to make informed decisions based on your home’s design and your personal preferences.

Functions and Types of Impact Doors

Improvement in home security and durability are major drivers for Fort Lauderdale residents considering door replacements. Impact doors, particularly, are designed to resist extreme wind conditions and flying debris, providing the much-needed defense against hurricanes. Moreover, these doors act as a front-line barrier against potential burglars with their impact-resistant design that withstands forceful break-ins.

The wide variety of impact door styles caters to different aesthetic sensibilities and functional requirements. Choices range from classic wood and sturdy steel to durable fiberglass and sleek aluminum doors.

Additionally, glass doors embedded with laminate film provide not only a visually pleasing option but also additional support in absorbing the impact.

Impact doors aren’t confined to front doors or entry doors, options extend to patio doors, sliding doors, garage doors and even side doors. Depending on the location, the homeowners can choose between swing options – an inswing or an outswing.

The patio door, for instance, can be made more stylish with sliding or bifold options, that not only saves space but also offers a panoramic view of the outdoors.

The key to enjoying the benefits of impact doors is ensuring that they’re installed by experienced door installers. Professionals extend their services beyond meticulous door and window installations, offering advice tailored to the specific needs of the property and its owners.

They understand the local building codes and weather patterns and provide comprehensive installation services to run the gamut from selecting ideal door styles to completing complex installations.

Styles of Hurricane Doors and How To Choose Yours

When it comes to enhancing homes in Fort Lauderdale, impact doors offer both curb appeal and functional benefits. From traditional front doors to chic sliding patio doors, there’s a style to suit every home.

The entry door, or its stylish cousin the entryway door, can dramatically enhance the exterior façade, creating a remarkable first impression.

Not to be overlooked are garage doors, which can contribute significantly to a home’s aesthetic appeal. Today’s storm-ready garage doors are far from utilitarian, with options ranging from traditional raised-panel designs to modern glass-panel styles. Impact garage doors provide an added measure of security, energy efficiency, and stress-free hurricane season.

Proprietors should consider both the material and design of a door before eventuating a decision. Fiberglass doors, wood doors, and metal doors each possess unique attributes that may be more suitable depending on the property’s characteristics, climate, and owner’s preferences.

For instance, sliding glass doors offer sizable views and abundant natural light, while sturdy metal doors deliver excellent security and durability.

To ensure the right choice is made, homeowners should always collaborate with a trusted window and door installation specialist in the Broward County area. They provide comprehensive door services, from consultation to installation, ensuring homeowners get a door that is aesthetically pleasing, compliant with building regulations, and meets hurricane protection needs.

The Installation Process of Impact Doors

The installation of impact doors is a process that requires precision, expertise, and adherence to building codes. Ensuring the correct installation is vital as it directly affects the door’s performance and resilience in severe weather conditions.

The process begins with measurements and removal of the existing door frame to create room for the new hurricane door. The new frame, typically an aluminum door frame, is set into the space carefully ensuring a snug fit.

Subsequently, the impact door is placed within the frame. The installer will bolt the door to the frame, using seals and caulking to create a weatherproof seal, ensuring high resilience against hurricanes, UV rays and even noise reduction.

Lastly, the installation team goes through detailed quality assurance checks, inspecting the door to make sure it swings open and closed effortlessly. This inspection is also critical in ensuring that the door meets the requirements of the high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ).

If any adjustments are necessary, the installation crew performs them before signing off on the project, guaranteeing a quality product that increases property value and curb appeal.

Hiring Expert Impact Door Installation Services

When it comes to impact door installation, choosing a reliable and experienced installation service is crucial. Expertise can make a significant difference in how well the door performs in adverse weather conditions or attempted break-ins.

Professional experts are well-versed in local building codes, ensuring the door meets necessary regulations and standards. Look for window installers and door replacement services with a tangible legacy in South Florida, as the region’s climate and weather patterns require local experience.

A strong local presence is often backed by a favorable Better Business Bureau rating, assuring homeowners of the provider’s reliability. Consider the breadth of service an installation company offers, as comprehensive providers can offer guidance on door styles and materials through their project gallery.

Communication is vital throughout the installation process. Leading window companies value customer service and maintain open lines of communication from initial consultation to aftercare. Remember that a company’s commitment to quality extends beyond the physical installation; follow-up checks, repair services, and routine maintenance are also important.

Why Choose Reliable Impact for High-Quality Impact Doors

Reliable Impact rises above the myriad of door installers in South Florida, establishing itself as a reliable impact window company with a steadfast commitment to quality and customer service.

The company’s installation team is reputed for their professionalism, technical prowess, and adherence to stringent installation standards.

Equipped with a rich project gallery, Reliable Impact brings a broad portfolio of design options to the table. This marries flexibility with functionality, providing customers with a myriad choice of door styles that add to the aesthetic appeal while offering stellar hurricane protection.

The company’s customer service is another feather in its cap. During consultations, the team meticulously listens to individual homeowner’s needs, offering tailored solutions that fit every unique scenario.

Equally so, their customer service doesn’t just end with the installation process; they are available for maintenance, repairs and provide service throughout the lifecycle of the products.

Another critical reason why Reliable Impact comes out on top is the adherence to building codes and regulations, which ensures their products meet the requirements of the South Florida weather conditions.

They are adept at window installations too, which can be coupled with installation services for impact doors for clients looking for holistic home solutions.”


Choosing impact doors in Fort Lauderdale isn’t merely about aesthetic appeal.

It encompasses protection against severe weather conditions, energy efficiency, and security.

The variety allows homeowners the flexibility to choose a design that adds to their home’s curb appeal and functionality.

Quality installation services offered by dedicated door installers like Reliable Impact ensure adherence to local building codes and provide long-lasting quality, boosting the property value in the process.

Whether you are looking for a robust front door or a stylish sliding patio door, impact doors are the exceptional choice that combines beauty with solid resilience.

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