hurricane rated impact garage doors

Impact Garage Doors

Hurricane-Proof Garage Doors

All impact garage doors, parts and accessories that we carry are of the highest quality and are strongly warranted.

Why should you get a glass garage door?

Because they will transform your home’s boring appearance with a modern look and be the envy of all your neighbors.

SIW Glass Garage Doors come with Stainless Steel Hardware, Slim Profiles with thick gauge aluminum, and no need of ugly reinforcement steel bars like all the other brands.

Storm protection is the number one reason why most Floridians install an impact garage door and SIW’s glass garage door provides powerful protection against severe storms and harsh winds. No matter how powerful a hurricane is, nothing will break your new glass garage door. They are built with impact resistant glass, therefore, flying debris would barely cause any damage to this product and even if there were, the glass is shatterproof. So rest assured, nothing will enter your home and destroy your valuable belongings.

SIW Glass Garage Doors also provide noise reduction, criminal protection, heat reduction and open the possibility to get a credit from your home insurance if all your other windows and doors in the home are impact resistant.

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rear exterior of Deerfield Beach home with custom impact glass windows and doors

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