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Even when you’re away, impact-resistant windows and doors guard your home against hurricanes and intruders with no effort.

Benefits include:

  • Safety & Security
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Reduce sound by up to 75%
  • Reduce heating/cooling costs up to 50%
  • Hurricane Protection
  • Qualify for valuable insurance premium discounts
  • Improve the value of your home
  • Florida Building Code Approved

Horizontal Roller Windows

  • Versatile window with a left or right horizontally rolling sash (XO or OX).
  • A wide range of styles and sizes including (XOX) a left and right moving sash with a fixed center panel.
  • Ideal for larger openings.
  • Removable operating sash for easy cleaning.
  • Low friction brass tandem rollers in a nylon housing for smooth operation.
  • Integral pulls on sash stiles for ease of opening.
  • Optional laminated insulating glass available.

Single Hung Window

  • A classic style window that features a vertically sliding bottom sash.
  • Available in a wide range of styles and sizes.
  • Bottom sash locks available for egress and/or handicap requirements.
  • Spiral balances for easy lifting.
  • Optional laminated insulating glass available.

Casement and Projection Window

  • A sophisticated design with maximum ventilation.
  • A wide range of styles and sizes featuring self-contained operating and fixed sections, allows multiple window configurations, including X, XX, O, XP and XOX.
  • Washable hinges, heavy-duty egress or egress washable hinges available.
  • Aluminum snap-on cover hides fixed window installation fasteners.
  • Multi-point locking system.
  • Optional laminated insulating glass available.
  • Projection awning windows available.

Fixed /Architectural /Picture Window

  • Used as a stand alone or companion window for visual interest or to
    capture a view, these windows are inoperable and do not open.
  • Shapes include picture, arch, oval, full circle, half circle, fan,
    quarter circle, elliptical, eyebrow, hexagon, octagon, triangle, gothic, pentagon and trapezoid
  • Custom shapes are also available
  • Optional laminated insulating glass available

Sliding Glass Doors

  • Sliding glass door can be ordered for openings as large as 32′ wide
  • Panels incorporate large glass panes which don’t compromise views
  • Available in all sizes as bypass, corner meet corner, and pocketing doors
  • Panels that lock to a jamb have lever locks
  • Panels that lock to panels have thumb turn locks and reinforcing rails
  • Optional laminated insulating glass available

French Doors

  • Beautiful swing doors available as a single or double doors
  • Concealed 2-point or 3-point locking system for added strength and protection
  • Prepped for standard hardware or multipoint locks
  • Optional sidelites available

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